Alta EDGE is your first opportunity to access Alta’s highly exclusive, most elite sires to use as part of your genetic strategy. By opting into the Alta EDGE contract, you get priority access to our newest, young Holstein and Jersey sires before they are commercially available.

Current Alta EDGE Sires

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All current & previous Alta EDGE Sires

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CodeNameBreedEnrolled on Alta EDGE USRemoved from Alta EDGE US
011HO15209AltaJUMP CUTHO4/1/202012/1/2020
011HO15679AltaALL ACCESSHO8/10/202110/8/2021


011HO15981 AltaPLAYBONUSHO12/7/2021






011JE07161AltaSASSO {4}JE10/8/20208/10/2021

How to join the Alta EDGE program

Work with your Alta representative.

Customize your genetic plan to align with your farm’s situation and goals. Alta is the leading innovator in genetic planning and strategy, and our team is highly trained to help you realize optimal genetic progress. We help you define and refine your genetic plan to ensure you get the most from the Alta EDGE program sires.

Sign a contract.

Alta EDGE is a contract-based program that provides enrolled dairies exclusive, highest priority access to the newest and most elite dairy genetics from Alta.

Choose from the elite Alta EDGE sires currently on offer.

Visit the Sires section of the Alta EDGE web page to view the bulls that will bring the fastest genetic gains to your herd. When you opt into this contract, we will proactively communicate with you via email when a new, elite, early release sire has been added to the program, so that you are up to date.

Drive faster genetic progress in your herd.

Alta EDGE is a total solution. Mating Alta EDGE sires to your best females will drive the fastest genetic progress in your herd. The resulting high-quality females will daily contribute superior performance and profitability to your herd’s bottom line. You will put your dairy on the leading edge of genomic progress as part of the Alta EDGE program.

Stay on the leading edge and visit the Alta EDGE site often for important updates and notices.

Contact us at with any questions.

We offer elite Holstein and Jersey sires through the Alta EDGE program. Depending on current genetics, both breeds may not always be represented on the program.
The Alta EDGE program provides key customers with priority access to bulls that Alta expects to be significant contributors and high impact sires for the breed. Normally the AI industry would designate these sires as “mating sires,” meaning that semen from these bulls would be reserved from the market and experience a long delay in terms of commercial availability. A contract agreement enables Alta to release semen to interested dairy producers much sooner and more widely with clear terms and conditions for all parties.

Alta commits to grant Alta EDGE program clients with the highest priority in semen allocation from these elite level sires. Alta cannot assure the timeliness of fulfilling any orders placed through this program as product inventory and availability cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, Alta outlines its commitment should the company choose to exercise the option to purchase any progeny in accordance with the terms and conditions as defined in the Alta EDGE program agreement.

Alta will regularly designate sires to the Alta EDGE program. These sires will be marketed exclusively in North America under the terms and conditions of
the contract with the customers in the program. When new sires are added to the Alta EDGE program, that information will be updated on the program website and shared with Alta EDGE contractors via email.
Details of all restrictions agreed upon regarding all Alta EDGE offspring are specifically outlined in the Alta EDGE agreement. If you are in doubt, please contact our program administrator with any questions by emailing

Details of all restrictions agreed upon regarding all Alta EDGE offspring are specifically outlined in the Alta EDGE agreement. If you are in doubt, please contact our program administrator with any questions by emailing

Semen on bulls designated as Alta EDGE sires can only be purchased if you/your dairy has a signed agreement in good standing with Alta. A  signed agreement does not guarantee availability of Alta EDGE sires, since we cannot guarantee production levels. However, your signed Alta EDGE agreement grants you the highest priority to receive the semen that is available, and you will be notified of any production issues that prevent an order from being fulfilled.

The Alta EDGE agreement is renewed annually. However, any resulting offspring or embryos from Alta EDGE sires are subject to the terms outlined in the agreement in place when the semen was purchased.
The price of all Alta EDGE sires will depend on the availability and demand for their genetics. Please speak with your Alta advisor, or email regarding pricing information.

You can enroll by submitting a request for an agreement to

You will be notified by a client service representative when your order will be filled. All semen must be shipped directly from an Alta Genetics warehouse to the dairy that has signed the agreement and placed the order. A delivery notice from the third-party delivery service will constitute validation that the semen purchased was actually delivered to you.

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